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Women's Solidarity T-Shirt (red) £14.00
Vote Labour Stickers £4.50
Image of Clause IV print with white frame
Clause IV Framed Print £12.00
Image of lanyard with 'for the many, not the few slogan'
For the many lanyard £2.50
Image of vintage health service mug
Vintage Health Service Mug £6.00
Labour Party Desk Jotter £3.00
Image of clear poncho packed into a red ball container
Campaign Poncho £1.50
Three Pin Badge Gift Box £10.00
Support Your Team Mug £6.00
Image of Mary Barbour pin badge
Mary Barbour Pin Badge (Black + White) £0.50
Scottish Labour Travel Card Holder £1.00
Scottish Labour Car Stickers £0.50
Image of Sadiq tea towel
Sadiq 2020 tea towel £8.00
Sadiq 2020 Special Edition print £10.00
Sadiq 2020 Special Edition framed print £30.00
Sadiq 2020 Soft Enamel Pin Badge £3.00
Sadiq 2020 Postcard pack £5.00
Sadiq 2020 A3 posters £4.00
Image of Labour eco cup with rose design
Red Rose Eco Cup £13.50
Image of real change t-shirt
Real Change T-shirt £10.00