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For the Many Keyring £2.00
Image of lanyard with 'for the many, not the few slogan'
For the many lanyard £2.50
Image of Labour's solidarity tolerance and respect slogan t-shirt
Solidarity T-shirt £8.50 £15.00
For the Many Framed Print £12.00
Labour Party Desk Jotter £3.00
Women's grey sweater with vote slogan in red
Women's Vote Sweater (Red) £22.00
Working Together Bag £2.50 £5.00
Image of clear poncho packed into a red ball container
Campaign Poncho £1.50
Women's Vote Sweater (Black) £22.00
Picture of labour usb stick
Labour Party USB Stick £7.50
Women's Solidarity T-Shirt (red) £14.00
Labour Party Mug £6.00
Image of labour's flexible working leaflet
Flexible working leaflet £15.00
For The Many Not the Few Button Badge £3.50
Solidarity Hoodie £18.00 £25.00
Durham Miners mug £15.00
Labour Hoodie £22.50
Image of Labour Party t-shirt
Labour Party T-Shirt £8.50
High skill, high wage economy leaflet £25.00
Image of Clause IV print with white frame
Clause IV Framed Print £12.00