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Image of labour safer communities leaflet
The Tories have failed to protect frontline policing leaflet £15.00
Red pet bowl with Paw the Many not the Few on the side
Paw the Many Pet Bowl £4.00
Student registration leaflet £15.00
Scratch card: Labour’s election countdown £28.00
NHS at 70 Mug £4.00 £10.00
Liberty Pin Badge £3.00
Scottish Vote Labour Stickers £4.50
Image of labour vintage housing poster
Let's Build The Houses Quick A3 Poster £4.00
Image of teddy bear with labour t-shirt
Labour Teddy Bear £10.00
Real change for Britain's families leaflet £15.00
Rebuilding Britain: High Streets
Rebuilding Britain - High Streets £25.00
Scottish Labour Balloons £10.00
Welsh Version: Only Labour will give people the final say on Brexit leaflet £20.00
Welsh Version: Labour's green new deal will tackle the climate emergency leaflet £20.00
image of Jeremy Corbyn white mug with red image
Jeremy Corbyn Picture Mug £6.00
Rebuild Britain: Boris can't be trusted £15.00
Welsh Version: Labour will always be on your side leaflet £20.00
Picture of white mug with Jeremy Corbyn design on
Jeremy Corbyn 'For the Many' mug £6.00
Image of Jeremy Corbyn tote bag
I'm with Corbyn Tote Bag £6.00
Red mug with I'm with Corbyn slogan
I'm with Corbyn Mug £6.00