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Durham Miners tote bag £9.50
Image of Mary Barbour pin badge
Mary Barbour Pin Badge (Black + White) £0.50
Image of labour vintage housing poster
Let's Build The Houses Quick A3 Poster £4.00
NHS at 70 Mug £5.00 £10.00
Labour Campaign Planner £9.00 £13.50
Phenomenal Woman Mug £10.00
Three Pin Badge Gift Box £10.00
Image of Clause IV print with white frame
Clause IV Framed Print £12.00
Image of labour rose lapel badge
Rose Lapel Badge £3.00
Image of Labour eco cup with rose design
Red Rose Eco Cup £13.50
Labour Party Pin Badge £3.00
Labour Hoodie £22.50
Labour recycled notebook with Solidarity Tolerance and respect definitions
Enviro-Smart Solidarity Notebook £5.00 £9.00
Eco Cup For The Many £12.50
A Woman's place is in the House of Commons Mug £10.00
Labour Bio Pen £1.00
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