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Apply for a Postal Vote Cards £17.50
She Won't Be Stopped Badges £4.00
Sock it to the Tories Socks £15.00
Scottish Labour A4 Poster £8.00
Scottish Labour A3 Poster £10.00
Scottish Labour Correx £40.00
Scottish Labour Stickers £5.50
Your NHS Mug £12.00
Your NHS Window Sticker £5.00
Missions for a Better Britain leaflet £20.00
Labour Campaign Bus £4.00
Win 24 Badge £4.00
Your NHS Shopper Bag £12.50
Red Rosette, no sticker provided
Labour Red Rosettes £2.00
Sparkle with Starmer T-shirt £20.00
Welsh Get Our Economy Growing leaflet £37.50
Labour Will Get the Next Generation on the Housing Ladder leaflet £17.50
A Century of Progress Poster £5.00
Listen, Change, Win Clipboard £8.00
Let's get Britain's future back leaflet £17.50
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