Home Campaign Essentials
Labour Pencil £3.00
Red Rosette, no sticker provided
Labour Red Rosettes £1.50
Clause IV By the strength of our common endeavour we achieve more than we achieve alone Notebook £12.50
Clause IV For each of us the means to realise our true potential Notebook £12.50
Labour Party Rule Book 2022 £12.00
Labour Stickers £4.50
Labour A2 Correx £33.00
Image of labour party A3 correx
Labour A3 Correx £25.00
Labour Face Mask £4.00
Vote Labour 6x4foot Correx Board
6x4 Correx Board £55.00
Hi-Vis Armband, fluorcescent yellow
Hi-vis armband £4.00 £5.00
Labour Tote Bag £4.00
Labour Rose Bio Fuse Bottle with Fruit Fusion Stick £7.00
Image of sugarcane water bottle
Labour Rose Biobased Bottle £5.00
Labour Party Messenger Bag £20.00
Image of a pack of tellers pads
Tellers Pads £2.00
Labour banner stand (double) £109.25 £115.00
Labour Window Stickers £1.50
Labour Snood £5.00
Vote Labour Stickers £4.50
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